Pay grades – might sound like a bore, don’t make it a chore…

Pay grades

Might sound like a bore, don’t make it a chore…ABCgrower supports using pay grades instead of, or in combination with, hourly rates. 

Hey Aussies! Use this to maintain award levels

By using pay grades for the award Levels, if the pay rate changes you’ll enter the new rate for the award level and this will be applied to all applicable workers, no need to update each worker.

You set up your pay grades, for example Level 1 Casual 20 years and over = $25.41.  Go into each worker you want to use pay grades, set the pay grades flag, and choose the applicable pay grade.

Pay different rates for different tasks?

No problem! This is another use for pay grades.  For example, a worker earns $25.41 per hour, but when they clean the tanks they get $29 per hour (it’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do it!).  Attach a pay grade to an activity type and ABCgrower will auto-calculate the right pay rate for the job.  This can be used if workers have a pay grade set or not.

The rate per hour is calculated using the higher of the activity type’s pay grade, or the worker’s hourly rate (or worker’s pay grade if using this). 

This way, if the manager is called in to clean the tanks she’ll get her usual $32 per hour, not the $29 cleaning rate.

Sound good?

This module has already been activated for you.  You’ll just need to add the pay grade role to each user or role you want to be able to set the pay grades.

No Comment!

No Comment!

Did you know you can add a Comment to a Work Activity Record?

Entering Comments

You can enter a Comment against a Non Picking Activity record on the App and it will be uploaded to the website with the record.

On the website you can add a Comment when entering a record via Worker Activity > [New], or Bulk Create.

You can enter a Comment on any Activity record via a Workers Timesheet Activities.  Click the Comment icon and a pop up box will open where you type the Comment. 

But which records have comments?

The Comment icon will show in green for any records with comments recorded, and in blue for records without comments.  This is especially handy where your team in the field add comments to records and you need to check them on the website.

How do I read it?

Click the icon and the Comment will show.