Our Team

ABC Software founder Sharon Chapman has always had clear vision about the people she would like on her bus. She has gathered a group of like-minded people who are passionate about delivering superior solutions.


At ABC Software you’re dealing with a large dedicated team of IT specialists with over 180 years of collective software development expertise. Each team member brings their own individual skills and experiences that combine to make us a strong, dynamic team that deliver truly effective solutions.

Sharon Chapman


Sharon is the founder of ABC Software. She is Hawke’s Bay born and bred but spent more than 10 years travelling and working overseas. She has been in IT since 1983 when she started as a computer operator for a Napier company and progressed to IT Manager for the UK division of Europ Assistance. In 1996 Sharon returned home and started her own business which has become ABC Software. Understanding a client’s business and designing solutions that deliver on their needs is what Sharon does best. Good business analysis is key to ABC’s successful software delivery. Sharon is a keen traveller. She is on track to tramp all the NZ Great Walks but intertwining with more sedate and relaxation based travels.

Julie Gillies


Julie started her career as a COBOL programmer in Zimbabwe in 1982.  She spent six years contracting in the UK and has gained significant experience across a range of industries.   Julie comes from the ‘old school of structured programming’ where the disciplines and principles of good software design and development still hold true.  Julie is passionate about ensuring that ABC Software consistently delivers quality solutions that exceed their clients’ expectations. When not at work, Julie loves holidaying in faraway places or sitting on the deck in Mahia watching the world go by (with a cold beverage in hand).

Mike Bennett


Mike is a Hawke’s Bay lad born and bred. He started his computer career as a COBOL programmer for a Hastings company in 1987. In 1995 Mike joined Richmond Meats and spent the next 10 years as the Senior Analyst/Programmer and Data Warehouse Developer. With the takeover by PPCS in 2005 and the relocation of his department, Mike opted to stay in Hawke’s Bay and joined ABC Software. He is a bit of a cricket nut, playing both Indoor and Outdoor cricket and watching as much cricket on TV as possible. He can be seen from time to time sporting the odd black eye from taking the ‘keep your eye on the ball’ a bit too literally.

Bevan Johnson

Bevan has been working in the I.T. Industry since 1996. Armed with a degree in Information Engineering, he set his sights on making the World a better place for businesses in need of software. His pursuit of this noble goal is relentless. Like hunting the ever elusive trout fish, which he has sought out on many occasions, Bevan believes in a methodical approach to identifying customers’ business requirements and translating these into a meaningful application. Using every possible resource at his disposal, he has called on numerous team members to give their all for the cause… none have refused! The quest continues…

Brendan Biggs


Brendan has been working for ABC for over two years now. He first started as an intern to complete his degree in Computer Systems. With knowledge in all aspects of I.T with a focus of software and database development, he is forever learning new skills to strive to be the best. He loves fishing, diving and travelling (just completed a circle of North America) and is currently looking at buying his first home.

Aidan Smith


Aidan is another bright young graduate who has come through the Eastern Institute of Technology Bachelor of Computing Systems internship programme and immediately made an impression, earning himself a full time role at ABC Software. He enjoys the challenges software development poses and likes learning any new technologies he comes across. Aidan is Hawke’s Bay born and bred and in his spare time he enjoys a quiet beer while watching sport if he is not on the rugby field himself.

Nicole Benfell


Nicole is currently completing her internship at ABC Software as a part of her Bachelor of Computing Systems degree at Eastern Institute of Technology. She enjoys learning different skills in computing and discovering new technologies. Nicole was brought up in Christchurch but decided to move to Hawke’s Bay after the earthquakes hit. When she is not on a computer she enjoys playing videos games, biking and having a quiet drink with friends.

Brenna Vivian

After completing her Psychology degree, Brenna decided it was time to join the real world. She has worked in many diverse industries, such as banking, finance and law. What gets her out of bed in the morning (other than a very strong coffee) is the real reward in talking to and understanding the needs of a client, finding solutions, and then making it happen. One of her greatest thrills in any work environment is the opportunity to help and support people.

Robyn Brady

Robyn is our ABCgrower training co-ordinator. Before joining ABC Software Robyn had been working for a Hawke’s Bay horticulture grower, she has a Diploma in Multimedia and Web Development. She is positive, enthusiastic and through combining her knowledge of horticulture and technology is ready to support users to make the most of ABCgrower. Outside of work Robyn keeps busy with family and off-grid living.

Maree Goldie

Maree has worked in diverse IT roles with the Dairy, Packaging and Manufacturing industries since 1995. Maree has worked in NZ and Australia during this time, however has continued to return to Hawke’s Bay where her family have resided for 30 years. The Goldie family love it here and they continued to keep a property in Bay View when working overseas. Maree thrives on fulfilling and exceeding customers’ expectations. When not working Maree loves to hike and garden.