ABC Software Squash team “gave it their all” out on the court.

Last night saw the first round of business house squash competition, take place at the Niven St Squash Centre.  (more…)... Read more

Businesses cannot compete in today’s market without the right technology,

but the right technology is not the same for every company. (more…)... Read more

ABC Packhouse Software new e-book launched

Check out our new Packhouse Software e-book, makes for easy reading just like the real thing! Enjoy. ABC Packhouse Software e-book (more…)... Read more

At the end of the day, custom software done well is your competitive advantage

ABC Software Ltd really listened to our needs and has developed a unique application that gives us an edge over our competitors. (more…)... Read more

Techno Tip…

We all know that the TAB button moves us to the next cell or field.  Did you know SHIFT-TAB moves you backwards?  In Excel or Access press CTL-‘ to repeat what was entered in the row above.  ... Read more

Traceability key to containing Damage Control

An insurmountable task if your company is still using traditional paper records to track production and distribution. Check this article out. (more…)... Read more

New appointment targets growth for Hawke’s Bay’s ABC Software.

Chris Shakeshaft’s recent appointment is deliberate move to grow the ABC brand and reputation as information solution providers (more…)... Read more