Timely information Productivity control and improvement

ABCgrower Quality module records infield assessments of workers, harvested fruit, trees and plants, to track defects and observations. Templates are easily tailored to fit your operation.

Instant insight into assessments.  Allows for immediate remedial action to improve performance and quality.  A mobile app collects assessments when there is no internet.

Make your quality work more effective and responsive and be more confident your operation is working at optimal levels.

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  • Templates


    Infield assessment of workers and harvested fruit

    • Create custom assessment templates
    • Scan worker cards and/or container/bin labels to easily create an assessment
    • Easy filtering to see assessment results
  • Defects and Observations

    Defects and Observations

    Immediate insight to your quality assessments

    • Group defects by category e.g. major, minor
    • Select a pass or fail for an observation
    • Record a value for your observation e.g. weight
    • Output assessments to Excel for further analysis
  • Non Harvest Assessment

    Non Harvest Assessment

    Quality assessments for non harvest operations

    • Create assessments to assess quality of pruning, thinning
    • Assess the same tree/group of trees for;
      • Fruit set
      • Insect counts
      • Size profiles
      • and more..


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