ABCgrower helping growers

in the orchard

ABCgrower is on orchard management software that lets you easily capture, manage and report all labour activities on your orchard. The cloud-based application captures the ‘Who, What, When and Where’ of each worker’s day on a smartphone, tablet or at the desk.  Collect and report on-orchard labour in the way that can revolutionise your operation and see direct returns to your bottom line.

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  • Workers


    Record all labour by Activity and Location giving you powerful information for real-time decisions.

    • Create job instructions for an Activity, Worker(s) and Location(s)
    • Workers can enter their own timesheets
    • Supports bulk entry of workers’ Activities and Times
    • ABCgrower resizes to your device to work seamlessly from desktop to tablet to smartphone
    • Daily Productivity KPI’s
    • Supports multiple orchards
  • Picking


    ABCgrower offers a range of options to help small to large growers manage their picking operations. Easily configured to suit the individual grower.

    • Robust all weather scanners available when out of internet range
    • Train supervisors and managers in minutes
    • Easily collect quantities picked by Worker
    • Allows for unique identification of the picking container
    • Allows for multiple workers picking into one container
    • Easy despatch and end of day reconciliation
    • Know what’s going on, today
  • Payroll


    Worker payments can be analysed daily. You no longer need to wait until the payroll is completed to see how your workers are performing.

    • Supports a verification and approval process of worker activity and time information
    • Worker payment options of piece rate or hourly
    • Automatically calculate worker Top Up payments and Paid Breaks, if applicable
    • Daily Worker payment reporting
    • Interface to payroll systems
    • Report for contracted labour

If you would like to get started…

Scales to any sized farm or orchard

Workers can enter their own timesheets

Train supervisors and managers in minutes

Automatically calculate work Top Up payments and Paid Breaks