Meet Minimum Wage Guarantee with Ease

The Fair Work Commission has ruled horticulture workers on a piece rate must be guaranteed a minimum wage under the Australian Horticulture Award.  Consequently, employers must also record time worked by pieceworkers.

Reduce your administration burden with ABCgrower.  Quick and easy digital timesheet recording.  Auto calculation of top up amounts.  Instant visibility to wage costs and productivity.  Meet your obligations seamlessly with ABCgrower.

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  • Timesheets


    Record timesheets for pieceworkers and waged staff.  No double handling, no paper required.

    • Enter Start and End times electronically with or without an internet connection
    • Workers can enter their own timesheets or supervisors can enter their team in one go
    • Auto calculation of worked time, less breaks
  • Pay


    Whether paying by piece rate or hourly, ABCgrower takes care of the calculations.

    • Automatically calculates a worker’s average hourly rate and, if applicable, creates a top up value to bring the pay to the guaranteed minimum hourly rate
    • A separate top up record is created for visibility and compliance, and this can be passed to your payroll system
    • Instant visibility to workers earnings and top up liability
  • Productivity Bonus

    Productivity Bonus

    ABCgrower offers an alternative to paying piece rate that still encourages and rewards high performance.  A win-win for employers and workers.

    • Collect information by piece for valuable productivity data
    • Convert piece work to hourly to reduce pay discrepancies between your best and poorest workers
    • Apply productivity bonuses to your high achieving workers to reward performance

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