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ABCspray supports spray and dry applications, and fertigation is coming soon.

ABCspray gives your staff clear instructions on specific block requirements, including which chemicals, what rates, and which sprayer calibrations or spreader settings to use.  Visibility to what chemicals were applied where and when, track nutrients on your blocks and see your chemical costs.

ABCspray is mobile friendly. It’s easy to use, view and tailor to your specific operation. Available as an add-on ABCgrower module or standalone.

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  • Spray Diary

    Spray Diary

    View and record spray information on any device with internet connection

    • Save sprayer calibrations and group commonly sprayed blocks for quick selection
    • Easy filtering to see what chemicals were applied, where and when
    • Printable application instructions for manual check off and record keeping
    • Publish instructions to meet compliance requirements
    • Automatic creation of worker timesheet activity and stock usage on application completion
  • Fertiliser


    Record dry applications and fertigation

    • Instruction sheets specifically for dry applications, and fertigation coming soon!
    • Visibility to nutrients applied in the season when building instructions
    • Fertilisers can be included in Spray Instructions and nutrients quantities will still be tracked
    • Printable application instructions for manual check off and record keeping
    • Automatically records worker time and reduces stock inventory when applications are completed
  • Thresholds


    Set thresholds, warnings and alerts

    • Highlight variances between planned and actual usages
    • Set thresholds for chemicals – withholding periods, maximum applications, minimum and repeat by periods
    • Thresholds specific to produce type and market
    • Require particular handler certificates for chemicals
    • Show warnings and alert messages on instructions
  • Nutrient Analysis Report

    Nutrient Analysis Report

    Coming Soon!

    • See what you’ve applied where
    • View totals for the season or whatever period you choose
    • See the applications that contributed to the totals, be it spray, fertiliser or fertigation
    • Export to Excel for further analysis
  • Inventory


    Inventory management for chemicals and consumables

    • Multiple storage locations
    • Automatic stock reduction on application completion
    • Receipt of inwards goods
    • Stock take directly on your device
    • Stock report with opening and closing quantities

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